Here is How I Reversed my Six (6) Years Diabetes

"Here is How I Reversed my Six (6) Years Diabetes" ...

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17th May 2019 | 380,913 views

A 55-year-old woman who reversed her diabetes...

"{Mrs Joy Matthew} Here is her Story"

My personal journey to a healthier lifestyle all began six years ago when I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes in 2010 by my physician.

At that point, My doctor prescribed some medications for me.

I didn’t feel any sense of urgency to change my lifestyle considering my mom had Type 2 Diabetes and I suspected it was primarily age-related "I just had to deal with it.”

I accepted it as just another daily challenge.

I was overweight, didn’t exercise and was consumed with non-controlled, unhealthy eating habits.

My belief that my medication would take care of my diabetes and justified my lack of motivation to change my lifestyle.

After all, I had no troubling symptoms that alarmed me to worry so I said to myself, "Why should my life change?”

On may 5, 2016, life, health, and the reality of both, LITERALLY, hit me right between the eyes.

My eye sight was altered, I was exhausted, I was not sleeping, I had dry mouth and an overall feeling that something was not right.

I then went to see my doctor and found out that my A1C was 13.4 (goal 7) and my average daily blood sugar was at 366 (goal 120).

My other blood tests results remained consistent with previous monitoring and did not change. In addition to the Medications, I continued to receive blood pressure and cholesterol medication.

I also had my Medication dose increased to four times a day, had doctor visits every two weeks for the first month and then once a month visits for four months.

I Decided, Enough was Enough, I Would Take Complete Control and Would not let Diabetes Take my Life Away from my Family and the Effect it had on my Family’s life.

On one faithful day I was doing some research on my phone so I come across this video that am about to show you now on Facebook and I was like have tried a lots of medications so I talked to my mom about it and she encourage me that we should give it a try and we did gives it a try to be honest with you I was so surprised with the results I got within 90 days my blood sugar level returned back to normal I encourage you to give this a try and am sure you will have same results as mine.

The reason for my story is to tell all families like mine that you CAN TAKE CONTROL and make a difference not only in your life but the lives of ones you love most. My family and I have been blessed and appreciate every healthy day moving forward.

My final message is "MAKE YOUR CHOICE,” I did and our family did. Each day, you CHOOSE to move closer to your ultimate goal or further away from your goal.

There is no neutral. No in between…its either forward progress or backwards progress.

Diabetes is a "Condition" that YOU have a choice to make a difference and change your life as my family did. It wasn’t easy, but my family chose a healthy future and yours can too.

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